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Extreme Mountain Biking

Extreme Mountain Biking

Throughout this blog I will be talking about different mountain bike tracks to hit around the world, as well as some of the most popular riders such as Danny MacAskill who is very popular amongst the biking community.

Mountain Bike Trails

So… which are the best biking trials to visit around the world? Let’s start off with the jaw dropping, fist clenching, heart racing Rhyd Ddu, Snowdon trials in wales in which is full of the most intense declines, scaling from down the mountain, kicking up dust, dirt, stones!

If high peak mountains fuel your appetite for biking then why not try Stob Bán which is located in Scotland, it possess some of the tallest peaks in the UK following by winding tracks and indescribable views in which you would never forget.

Danny MacAskill

I bet you’re wondering… who is Danny MacAskill? Well, He is one of the most popular riders out there! He has starred in many short biking movies such as ‘Way back home’ or even ‘The Ridge’ where he scaled the Cuillin Ridgeline in the Isle of Skye.