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  • Form Software’s newest game: Elden Ring
Form Software’s newest game: Elden Ring


Elden Ring is Form Software’s newest RPG masterpiece, the game is a result of a collaboration with the famous novelist Gorge R.R. Martin. When the Elden Ring was initially revealed at E3 2019, we didn’t get any updates about Elden Ring throughout 2020 then Form Software surprised us with a trailer in 2021. the trailer told us the Elden Ring would come out in February of 2022.

Form Software launched network tests of the game, it expectedly had a few glitches and bugs because it is not finished but overall Elden Ring was loved by players.

Form Software said that Elden Ring will have an open world, Gorge R.R, Martin helped create the setting of the game, it was revealed that Elden ring will be divided into 6 major areas and these are the domains of the major demigod characters, Miziyaki also said that the areas have their own dungeons connected to each other.

You can the trailer here

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Oussama Mahrouk