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  • Effects of Sahara Desert filled with solar panels.
Effects of Sahara Desert filled with solar panels.

Sahara Desert is the world’s biggest hot deserts and gets sunlight every year with no rain. This means that it gets hot sun every day making it a reliable place to add solar panels. This will allow the solar panels to generate lots of energy based on sunlight which can be used to power many households in Africa. Filling the entire Sahara Dessert with solar panels will generate enough electricity to power the entire world.

This is very beneficial as it doesn’t contribute to global warming as it doesn’t release any greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Using solar panels as the main source of energy will reduced the amount of fossil fuels is burned and released to the atmosphere (which is the main contribution to climate change) whereas we are using more natural sources to provide energy.

On the other hand, It will cost a lot of money to apply that many solar panels in such a big desert. It is also going to be hard to maintain as these solar panels will need to be cleaned from time to time which means it will require workers to work in such harsh conditions. It is also going to be a problem to wire all that energy overseas as some countries that utilize lots of energy are very far away from the Sahara Desert.

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