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  • EE Skeegle, their new GoPro competitor
EE Skeegle, their new GoPro competitor

EE has created a device to compete with the ever so popular GoPro and Periscope, their new action camera, Skeegle, will be able to stream to the internet, without a smartphone or PC.

Unlike GoPro and Periscope, it will be able to steam up to 10 minute videos over 4G with a smartphone or PC, but you also get to control who views this stream. Once you get your hands on EE’s new action camera, Skeegle, you will be able to use the smartwatch device to select contacts to share the stream with.

Although you can download the app though the links on the Skeegles official site for both Android and Apple, with this you’ll be able share your streamed videos more and view them on a larger screen.

The Skeegle is set to be launched on June 16th, available through EE stores as well as Amazon including many other outlets. The Skeegle will cost £100 with an EE contract, and from £300 with a pre-paid subscription with EE. EE will also allow you to pay for the Skeegle monthy being either £10 or £15 for the next 24 months.

Other interesting features that you will need to know about the Skeegle is that, it has 64GBs of internal memory, comes with a hard case and waterproof (similar to the GoPro, also being waterproof up to 60 meters) as well as the smartwatch to control the Skeegle (as seen in the image above). The battery life is estimated to last approximately three hours. It will be able to stream full HD videos (depending on the internet speed), also being capable of capturing at 60fps, as well being able to take 13MP (megapixel) images.

If you do look at the Periscope and Meerkat, then find them quite similar, you might think they got the idea for the Skeegle  of them. But chief executive of EE, Olaf Swantee, said:

“When we started work on this Periscope and Meerkat didn’t exist. I thought people would like to share their lives but they didn’t necessarily want to do that in public.” – Olaf Swantee

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