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East Lancs Bus Route

East Lancs Bus Route seems to be a hot topic when it comes to drivers.

Heading to Manchester use to be a nightmare at the best of times, with congestion and rush hour traffic around the city centre, but to add to this they have decided to build a guided bus way along the East Lancashire Road (A580); with the closure of multiple lanes and morning traffic this adds to a real confusion and mess in the morning. Starting Late on last August and continuing to its completion data late on in September  this has been a real problem for commuters heading into Manchester from the likes of Leigh, Astley, Tyldsley, St Helens, Walkden etc. From roadworks starting just past the Queens Arms in Astley and coming to a complete underneath the M62 and M602 Ring road towards Swinton. When plans were put forward for the start of the bus route many were weary about the completion of the scheme, talks about re opening the old railway link between Leigh and Atherton seemed to be preferred option by most users as this was avoiding the dreaded bus route being completed, but to no avail the bus route was started. Adding a mere hour to most journeys has become an outrage for most road users and to add to this seeing workers standing around twiddling their thumbs doing no works seems to be a common way of working these days.