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  • Does Playing Video Games Improve Reaction Time in Real Life?
Does Playing Video Games Improve Reaction Time in Real Life?

It has been a question for quite some time whether hardcore gamers have better reaction time and accuracy than a normal person. Hardcore gaming has been around for a long time with millions of players spending hours and hours on this every day. These games range from RPG games, to FPS (first person shooter) games etc. These games are relatively difficult to master which is why people spend so much time to increase their skills. Many pros in games like Call of Duty Warfare or Fortnite, are seen as pros not only because of their incredible stats at these games but because of how good their speed is, their accuracy, reaction time, and tracking. However, people believe that gaming has no benefits to a person’s life except wasting their time in their room playing games all day instead of doing other activities. That was until researches found out that most of these hardcore gamers not only do they have good reaction on these games but they’re also able to obtain this ability in real life.

Researchers found out that the very act of playing action video games significantly reduces reaction times without sacrificing accuracy. Video gaming may therefore provide an efficient training regimen to induce a general speeding of perceptual reaction times without decreases in accuracy of performance. This is very beneficial as some people don’t realize that reaction time is very important in certain situations. For, example when it comes to emergency matters it is very important to decide fast when it comes to saving a person’s life or even saving your own life which comes back to reaction time and how fast you make decisions.

On the other hand, it takes hundredths of hours of gaming to be able to get this ability which sacrifices a person’s mental health, physical health and cause them to sacrifice their social lifestyle as you would sit in the bedroom all day playing games. This can also lead to addiction to playing video games which can lead to very problematic health issues in the future.


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