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  • Does it worth to buy cars with high mileages?
Does it worth to buy cars with high mileages?

Does buying a car with a lot of mileage mean bad business?
Vehicle wear is not only related to how far it has driven


Would you buy a car with more than 60,000 miles? The question can generate faces for those who are looking for a vehicle. Soon a crumpled bodywork, an engine with problems, worn tires and everything bad that the imagination can invent comes to mind.
Not quite. Cars with high mileage (we are talking about over 60 thousand miles) can generate strangeness in the consumer, but they are an attractive alternative for those who want to save money.

First, high mileage is not synonymous with wear and tear. Everything depends on the running conditions of the car, that is, if the engine reaches the ideal operating temperature, the components are well lubricated and the maintenance has been done correctly.
“Cars that run in the city and stay in that ‘walk and stop’ naturally wear out more. Those on the road, at cruising speed, tend to have less depreciation, ”says Bosch technical expert Diego Riquero Tournier.

Many people who use the car on a daily basis walk a few miles to go to the market or even to work. This short distance does not allow the engine to reach the ideal operating temperature, preventing the oil from reaching the proper viscosity and causing the assembly to need “more force” to move the parts. The main components that suffer from this wear are the gearbox and the engine itself.

Petrol or Diesel engine?

Silvio specializes in engines and says that the most durable are diesel engines. They are more expensive compared to gasoline engines, but for those who buy cars with high mileage, this is a factor that cannot be ignored. While the service life of a gasoline engine generally does not go far beyond 180 miles, diesel engines can easily pass that mark.

The main tip for those who want to buy a used car is to take, at the time of purchase, a reliable mechanic to evaluate the possible parts to be exchanged, and then analyze if it is really worth it. In addition, it is clear to check if all the revisions were made as mandated by the automaker.

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