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Do You Care About Realism

Realism vs Graphics

Do You Care About Realism?

In my own opinion storyboard of every game is the gold cup, if a person will purchase a game just because the graphics are “sick” this person knows nothing about games, or simply do not care about knowing at least a bit of the storyboard, if he loves the graphics he loves the game. But when you ask the guy what is that game about he will be frustrated because his answer would be “I don’t know”.

Graphics this is what brings people attention just simply because I look realistic and interesting, people fall into the trap, in my opinion and actually regarding to facts without knowing the storyboard you should not play the game, if there are previous releases play them before playing the final release, I agree but back to the graphics boys and girls they would say “No, this is weak, I will never play it” my answer would be fair enough, play it if you wish but do not even bother to ask me a question about the game, because you will not receive a different answer than none.

Battlefield 3

This is the game of the year 2011, breakthrough in gaming industry, first game ever to be so developed, deserve all credits. Only and only Metro 2033 released in 2010 stands a chance against Battlefield 3, and I do not mean the graphics but the realism, this means how realistic the game is.

The biggest point of battlefield 3 is that the game is completely realistic, the ocean waves, every little detail as well as getting shot and falling to the ground waiting for assistance or using medical kit yourself, this is realism.

Another great point of battlefield 3 is the amazing graphics; can I actually admit that Battlefield 3 contains both?  Realistic possibilities and amazing graphics, I say yes.

Metro 2033

Released in 2010 once I have played it I fall in love, at the beginning of the game the realism is visible, when your friend catches you saving you from a fall because the ladder has fallen apart, and further in the game the amazing graphics let the player know that this is the top game.

There are not too much realistic features because of the year 2010 but if you look closely there are many moments of total realistic possibilities used in the game, I have to admit Battlefield 3 destroyed Metro 2033 but they are two completely different genres.

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