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  • Distributed Denial Of Service
Distributed Denial Of Service

Distributed Denial Of Service 

Distributed Denial Of Service  or DDOS for short is a type of attack that is used to bring down website by flooding the website with traffic which is a lot of people trying to view the website. This attack is often used to bring down a big website in order to symbolizes something for example the group Anonymous brought down several law enforcement websites because of a shooting that a police officer did. There are many was a Distributed Denial Of Service attack can happen for example someone could be using there own computer doing the DDOS individually however this is not very effective as many websites can handle a large amount of traffic, for bigger websites people use something called a Botnet which is a collection of computers that have been infected to do the controllers commands and they can all be used to DDOS a website which will cause to much traffic for the website to handle causing it to crash and stay offline for awhile.

There are underground markets where people buy Botnets or DDOS services these sites are continually being searched for by law enforcement’s and they try to track anyone who has bought or sold on the illegal markets. DDOS has became popular today since it is relatively easy to do and anyone with a computer can do it.


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