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Diabetes is a hereditary condition, you can not get it from viruses or microbes, never the less, everybody agrees that it is one of the most serious illness. We all know that diabetes is not so scary itself, but it’s complications: cardiovascular disease, nerve damage (neuropathy), kidney damage (nephropathy), eye damage (retinopathy), foot damage, skin conditions, hearing impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and amputations

The earliest records we can find dating back to 1500 years B.C. in Egyptian manuscript mentioning “too great emptying of the urine”. The author is describing it as a deadly disease, because the patient is drinking water constantly and can not keep it in his body. Later, a student of Hypocrites, Greek Physician, Aretaeus of Cappadocia (250 years B.C.), was the first to name it ‘diabainein’, referring to the excessive ruination associated with the disease. Treatment: horse-back riding, to alleviate excess ruination. Other therapies included vino; overfeeding to compensate the loss of fluid or completely opposite, starvation diet.

Unfortunately, there are more and more sick people around the world. Even some babies are born with type 1. Around 700 people are diagnosed with diabetes every day. It is one person every two minutes. It is estimated that there are around 549,000 people in the UK who have diabetes, but do not know yet. Most of us know that the UK government and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver are trying to bring it to everyone’s attention.

My father was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004. In the past 22 years he took hundreds of different types of medication to lower his blood sugar level, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Unfortunately, there was no result. Doctors kept changing and addicting more medications. I was buying different types of supplements, but there was no difference and he had a heart attack in 2008. He had a quadruple heart bypass operation. His body stopped reacting to any medications in 2008. Doctors were telling him to inject insulin twice a day, even though so there was no results. He has refused. Because of that doctors kept adding more and more medications, but there was no difference. His sugar levels were out of control, from 21 up to 30. Doctors could not believe it that he was not in a coma. He has lost his vision, every morning he was getting up with horrible pain in his chest. The pain has moved to his left arm; which has lost all sensations. Soon after he started losing sensation in his legs, he became very depressed and we were afraid that we could lose him at any time.

Then I heard about a product based on Stem Cell from my friend in the USA. She and her family had moved to New Jersey. But soon after the move she had put on lots of weight, her face looked grey, her eyes sunken and she felt at least 10 years older. When a temperature reached +28C (82.5 F) and humidity jumped up to 80%, she realised that her heart was struggling-arrhythmia. Then after adding the product to her diet-all the symptoms have disappeared!

Right away I did extra research on the Internet and saw lots of people were getting amazing results for their health and beauty. This product is in America’s PDR 2015 and 2016 (Paediatrician Desk Reference) book. Some people are calling it ‘A Miracle Pill’, but one thing is for sure-this is a future medicine and it is here.

I purchased it right away and my father was the first one to start using it in my family. Now we all are using it, including my two daughters (5 and 7 years old). He was taking 3 tablets daily and by the end of November his sugar levels went down from 19.5 to 7.5. My father is not taking any medications for his diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol. Now his hand and legs ‘came back to life’. He is 86 years old now and he enjoys his life, like never before.

Do we know anybody with this diagnosis? Of cause we do, and it is very likely to be someone very close to us. Of cause there will always be people saying that it is not enough proof, research… And that is fine. The best proof for me is my father’s life. There is hope for the future and I am very happy to share it with everyone who wants to improve their health.

For more information you can visit www.eggoflife.com/lamininemanchester
Or ring Jurgita 07547157379 (fluent English, Russian and Lithuanian speaking)

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