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  • Devious licks are getting out of hand
Devious licks are getting out of hand

“Devious lick” is a slang term for an impressive and rewarding payday from the vandalism or thefts most commonly in schools.

The trend started on the 1st of September 2021 when a tiktoker by the named JUGG4elias posted a video on TikTok; where in the video he is shown opening his bag and removing a box of face masks saying he just committed a “devious lick”, shortly after that post went live most people started to imitate the video for themselves bringing back supplies like telescopes, toiletries, security cameras, staff badges and keys and signs. This became more than a trend and more of a concern since the students were taking a lot of equipment that the schools couldn’t keep up and some classes where ransacked leaving nothing behind, most recently a post was made where someone takes another persons trousers when their in the toilet.

This antisocial behavior made schools send letters telling parents to warn their children not to participate in the trend. Precautions were taken to prevent the vandalism from getting any worse than it is, precautions such as limiting the number of students that are allowed in the hallways, assigning more staff to monitor the students, even locking or restricting certain access to students.


By Anthony Bingel

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