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Destiny – Review
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For my next game review, I am going to be talking about a game which had such a huge hype and great potential but failed to deliver, and massively. If you’re into the gaming world (or looked at the title) you will know that I am talking about the game “Destiny”.

Developed by Bungie, mostly known for its Halo series with Microsoft, Destiny became to surface around 2009 in Easter eggs in other Bungie games but later in 2012, more details emerged. The first person shooter, MMO, adventure, action, RPG, online (have I missed any?) game looked to be huge and a landmark as one of the first major games for Xbox One and PS4.

Destiny involves you in many tasks set in a mythical fantasy world in which the solar system has been colonized by many different species. The last city on Earth is protected by the “Traveller” (the big white thing) and the Guardians (THAT’S YOU). The story takes you through the different planets encountering the main enemies the Hive, Fallen, Vex and Cabal. Each of the enemies have their own weakness and strengths and obviously get stronger as you go through the missions.

The gameplay is umm… strange. I am not a FPS person and don’t enjoy games like Call of Duty mainly because I always die but anyway, I was kind of worried that I would find the game hard. This is definitely not the case. All of the monsters have some kind of weak spot and as soon as you find this, you can easily kill them in about 2 shots. In addition, once you get to the “Exotic” weapons you can even kill most bosses in a few hits. I was on the fence about this. Part of me was happy because I hate being stuck on a single mission but at times, it was almost too easy and the mission formats didn’t help.

The basic mission format is “go to point A, kill things, go to point B, kill thing, going to point C, kill more things, go to point D, kill a boss”. That is the format for every single story apart from the last mission where you have to kill 3 bosses (thrilling). It gets extremely boring after a while and the only other option is to complete Raids or Strikes which basically follow the same pattern and if you’re doing any multiplayer, just hope the other players know what they’re doing.

Gameplay image from Gamespot.com – I do not own this image


Despite looking amazing, the worlds are NOT open which I was expecting. In videos, I saw these huge open lands and got excited but in reality, if you stray too far, you fall down a cliff and die. The correct term I would say is a “wide” world which is still pretty linear. The planets you go to look huge, as if you could keep on walking forever but don’t let this deceive you.

And then comes the RPG element (there are a lot of elements). Before you start playing Destiny, you choose a class from Titan, Warlock or Hunter and I’ve not noticed much difference between these apart from their special abilities. If you really wanted to, you could look up the differences I guess but I choose Warlock and haven’t found any negatives. There is also a full equipment setup as expected with many different weapons and armour but in order to get the best, you need to play A LOT which is something I couldn’t do. Skills are limited and experience is pretty pointless. You gain experience which then goes towards level and there’s a level cap of 20, pretty basic. You then use “Light” items to increase it further to up to 30 which I still don’t understand. Other than that, the experience goes towards class skills/powers and new upgrades for your weapons.

The Multiplayer is better than the rest of the game but forget it if you aren’t at least close to the level cap (20). The other players have much better weapons and you die in about 2 hits. The games are fun and are definitely refreshing from the boring main gameplay.

The game visually is spectacular and I can’t say anything bad about it, apart from a few glitchy textures. I found myself look at the landscape for more than half the game and looking at the sky. The lighting and particle effects are amazing which is something I’ve seen a lot of in the games I have and the monster models look good with many different types and looks. The graphics are easily the best thing about Destiny. Good thing? I think not.

Destiny honestly made me really disappointed and angry. I was expecting this huge, epic game filled with stories and characters and huge worlds. What I got was a quarter of that at the most. There is a minimal story and basic gameplay which by now, is something I expect to be improved. The game isn’t bad, it’s just not good. It’s something I would honestly expect on PS2. Even GTA Vice City and San Andreas were more involving and they can’t just wing it on the pretty graphics either. Would this game be better if it was only made for Next Gen? Maybe. I asked myself this question every time I went on it. It feels small compared to other games and the hype it had (and a budget of $500 million apparently) just weren’t matched.

The game feels broken. It’s like they’re trying to do so many different things and trying to piece them together but it just didn’t work and since they were focused on many small things, none of them seemed completed. I also think Bungie and the publishers followed with the annoying trend of “release half a game and then release the rest through DLC” which I completly despise seeing as Destiny alone costs around £40 and then the DLC costs an extra £30.

It feels like a jigsaw that although the pieces fit together, the image doesn’t look quite right.