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  • COVID Restrictions: Mental Health demolished in Manchester
COVID Restrictions: Mental Health demolished in Manchester

The number of people reaching out to mental health services has almost doubled in Manchester, the main cause; COVID restrictions. People being isolated at home for a long period has had big implications on their financial situation’s affecting their mental health because there is more pressure especially for parents to find work and provide for there children not to mention people who were already dealing with mental health issues in Manchester now have limited support.

Covid: Manchester spreading rate linked with mental health

Greater Manchester has one of the largest COVID-19 spreading rates in the UK this has let to the restrictions in Manchester being tighter than most big cities. Calls to crisis lines in Manchester have significantly increased in response to the COVID cases spike. Many people have been suffering because the demand is too high for mental health support centres and they cannot get the help they need.

What counteractive measures are we taking to improve mental health in Manchester?


COVID Restrictions: Mental Health demolished in Manchester


1)The Manchester Wellbeing fund 

The Manchester Wellbeing fund, established in 2017 by the NHS has granted additional mental health support for the residents of Manchester and has also increased awareness for mental health. The Manchester Wellbeing Fund aims to: develop community support around people’s mental health needs, promote mental health and wellbeing and to finally challenge the stigma around mental health illness. Another valuable purpose the fund has is to support new groups establishing and also existing groups needing support. The Manchester wellbeing fund is also interested to hear people’s views on mental health and any experiences they have had with it and if they require any support.

 2) Mental Health meeting hosted by MP Jeff Smith to raise awareness

Manchester MP Jeff Smith who opened up about his depression in 2015 hosted a virtual call meeting on the 1st May 2020 with Ali-party parliamentary to discuss mental health and COVID 19. Members of the virtual meeting included many different speakers, some names being: Sir Simon Wesley, RCPsych’s Dr Kate Lovett.  Sir Simon Wesley speaks about previous different research recording the mental health impacts of quarantine. 24/25 studies showed mental health impacted mental health which he says is “no surprise”. He also includes in his talk that certain groups are more likely to be affected for example people with already existing mental health problems and also people who have lost their job resulting in unemployment. The virtual meeting concluded with MP Jeff Smith thanking everyone for participating in the virtual meeting and “making it happen”.

You can find the full video of the meeting here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwcgFn0I0h4

What do you think of the current mental health situation in Manchester? We would love to hear your opinion below!

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