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  • Covid-19 – The New Omicron Variant
Covid-19 – The New Omicron Variant

The Omicron variant is predominately in south Africa as of right now and it is not yet known whether the new variant is more transmissible then delta.

WHO have stated “it is not yet clear whether infection with Omicron causes more severe disease compared to infections with other variants, including delta. Preliminary data suggests that there are increasing rates of hospitalization in south Africa, but this may be due to increasing overall numbers of people becoming infected, rather than a result of specific infection with Omicron.” this shows that our knowledge about Omicron is still very limited, but governments around the world are taking very fast and strict action to try to combat the new, potentially more dangerous, omicron variant.

Data also suggests that people who have previously contracted Covid-19 can become reinfected more easily with omicron compared to other variants. WHO are confident, however, that the existing vaccine remains effective at combating all variants.

In February, Germany will be voting for mandatory vaccines and potential vaccine passports.

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