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  • Has Lockdown Been Hard On New Mums ?
Has Lockdown Been Hard On New Mums ?

Has It Been Harder For New Mums During Lockdown?

During lockdown mums have experienced a different approach to parent-hood with having to adjust to being isolated with a newborn baby, this is how its left mums affected…

How Has It Affected New Mums Mentally?

Mentally, New mums during lockdown haven’t been able to reach the full potential of motherhood during early stages of their child’s development…To back this argument we can agree that most mums haven’t been able to socialise with other new mums or family members and friends; Causing distress to the mother because she would feel lonely and overwhelmed. Whilst dealing with a new-born baby it doesn’t really give the mother time to adjust herself and feel prepared, in fact it’s the opposite for most mums and this leaves them feeling very pressurised that they’re doing the wrong thing because there’s no one to give a helping hand.

The Limitations Mums Have Experienced Because Of COVID-19

Limitations such as maternity services, appointment experience, pregnancy services, baby groups, meeting new mums, family meetups, restricted family visits, support from family, activities with the baby.

These limitations have made most mums have been worried about their baby’s social development and physical, because since most babies have been born, they’re not interacting with other babies/parents. Most mums rely on baby classes and groups as a way of remembering they’re not alone and in some cases, mums suffer with postnatal depression and bay classing can suppress mum-guilt because it gives their child a opportunity for their child to socialise beyond family household members.

What Has The Government Stopped ?

  • Mask or gown may be asked to be worn.
  • Certain appointments have been placed online.
  • There is limitations on how long your partner can stay after the mother has given birth.
This information is all factually correct off the government websites :

NHS Workers

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