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Computer Expansion cards

Computer Card types

Sound card:

Sound cards are used for speakers, headphones, radio and You can listen to sound, music and game. The function and purpose of the sound card id you can listen for everything played in the computer, that’s is help you to understand what is going in the machine.

Network card:

Network is used in a machine to make it run programs fast and easy.  You can used WI-FI and get the network to other things like an iPhone and anything working on a network. A network card is the device interface between the computer and cable. A network card wills allow a machine to access to your home network. The function and purpose of the network card is gave a network to the computer and make the computer work fast.

Graphic card:

Graphics card is used to show information and pictures on the screen. The graphics Card is 5the part in your machine that hands and produces the single that are sent to the screen, and it is plaguing  into the mother board, and it is important part in the machine it is give a nice graphics on your  Monitor to work on the machine and know what’s going in the computer. The function and purpose of the graphics card it is give the  Monitor  look in the machine.


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