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Code Geass

Code Geass (コードギアス) is an Anime which I have finished watching today. It contains 50 episodes over two seasons in the Anime which spans over 20 hours (1200+ minutes).

Code Geass’s Plot

Code Geass has an interesting timeline where there are three superpowers (Britannia, the Chinese Federation, and the European Union) in the world. Code Geass starts by showing use Japan in 2010 being conquered by Britannia, they achieve this by using a new military piece of machinery, “Knightmare”. After Britannia takes control of Japan it renames it Area 11 in turn changing civilians titles to Elevens (from Japanese).

The story of Code Geass focuses 7 years after this event on a student called Lelouch Lamperouge. Lelouch is the son of the of Emperor of Britannia (Charles zi Britannia) who was sent to Japan with his sister (Nunnally Lamperouge) as a bargaining chip before the defeat of Japan. Although they had to abandon their Britannia heritage after their mother (Marianne vi Britannia) was killed.

In the first episode fo Code Geass we see Lelouch get stuck in a terrorists vehicle after trying to help them (not knowing their terrorists after a crash). After they get stuck at a dead end a machine in the vehicle revealing a girl named C.C. who wakes up. A Britannia troop shows up to seize the terrorists, but this soldier turns out to be Suzaku Kururugi  (on of Lelouch ‘s old friends before the capture of Japan).

Lelouch and C.C. try to escape but are inevitably cornered by Britannia troops, C.C. is shot leaving Lelouch to ponder his life, but a minute later he begins to hallucinate whilst hearing the voice of C.C. She makes a contract with Lelouch giving him a Geass, which for him is the ability to command anyone via eye contact. After this he commands the Britannia troops to die, which they follow by committing suicide, then he helps the terrorists escape for the benefit of reviving Japan (under the alias Zero).


Code Geass is quite reminiscent of Death Note, where the main character is fighting on his own morals for a better world. Lelouch (Code Geass) and Light (Death Note) both achieve this by manipulating people with their power under an alias (Lelouch being Zero and Light being Kira) whilst trying to live a normal life as a student as well.

Although Death Note does mainly focus on the interactions of two characters, Light/Kira and L (then spoilers), but Code Geass makes Lelouch think slightly more strategically than tactically in Death Note (although both are used).

The whole story of Code Geass is brilliant, there are many unsuspected plot twists which happen over the 20+ hours it runs over the two seasons (which finished in 2008). I would definitely rate it 9/10 and highly recommend it, especially since it has a fitting yet not too disappointing ending (similar to Death Notes).

Someone has uploaded Code Geass to YouTube which you can watch, although if you would like to own a legal copy you can buy season 1 and season 2 on Amazon for just under £50 together.

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