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  • Champions league 2008
Champions league 2008

Champions league 2008

In 2007 the journey of the champion’s league started for Man united as they were considered to be the team that is good enough to beat Barcelona who was at the time the dominant force in European football. Manchester United cruised through the group stage as they won every game unbelievably to maximise their power in the competition. As they went in to the last 16 they headed to Lyon to play the French champions for a tough test. They beat them after that it looked confident as they also cruised past Roma and Barcelona at which they were finally in the Final. Manchester United were in the final of the champions league and this was it one chance to get it right and to add insult to injury it was Chelsea who would be in the final with them who were Man United’s deadliest premier league rivals. The game commenced and overall the full 90 minutes was tense; a goal each from Cristiano Ronaldo and Frank Lampard made it 1-1 at full time meaning penalties were near. Into extra time tackles were flying in everywhere, clear cut chances were being lost and players lungs started to tire. Next a penalty shootout was to decide who would have been the winner. First up Carlos tevez; he steps up he scores phew! Next up for Chelsea Michael Ballack he scores to. This continues on for quite some time as players keep on scoring where Manchester United were just hoping for just one of Chelsea’s players to miss. Next up Cristiano Ronaldo who has been a dominant force in European Football all season with his 9 goals that pretty much gathered Man United to the final. No one felt nervous, he can’t miss surely, he steps up, hesitates, oh no he’s missed, a real worry for Manchester United now. As the next Chelsea player steps up you can just feel the Trophy slipping away slowly out of their grasp. Next up is John terry that looks nervous to say the least. He steps up, he hits the post. Manchester United is back in the game. Owen Hargreaves score United’s penalty after that Nicolas Anelka to step up, he begins to kick the ball and who is it to win Manchester United the Champions league trophy but Edwin Van Der Sar that dives to his left to punch the ball out of the goals reach.

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