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Cat5/Cat6 – Advantages:

Cat5 has up to a speed of 100Mbs which is faster than a lot of the other transfer media and Cat6 has up to 1000Mbs for transferring speed. There is STP which stands for Shielded twisted pair which is used to help prevent from there being interference coming from things such as radiators and florescent lighting which the STP is able to block most of the interference. The cable is able to be sent up to 100M until it needs a booster to extend its range that it can travel.

Cat5/Cat6 – Disadvantages:

Some problems with it are that with UTP unshielded twisted pair is that it is not able to easily prevent there from being any interference from any possible source. It will also restrict the limit of movement that you are able to achieve when using it due to being connected to a fixed wired location.

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