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Cars Manchester 2015

Cars Manchester  2015

Different types

There are many different cars available like big car small cars these are the cars sports,4×4,Family,estate car , electric car what just be out recently, small cars like 3 doors. The problem is with car because there different type and different make they cost a lot if you have buy a small car it won’t cost you a lot like a sports car they will cost you lots of money and there expensive to run as well. Some people like big car as an example like me the luxury cars are very good.  All the car are made from different country some cars are very strong in part wise and some car aren’t and they don’t last you that long so you’ll have to keep changing the parts.


speed of cars you can get very slow cars and you can get very fast cars but the problem is having a fast car is the handling if you can’t handle the car then you will crash. As an example of this sports it is called Nissan GTR and that car is very fast but the handling is very fast so the driver will be comfortable doing top speed. You can get cars 1 litre but they won’t be that fast and if you didn’t know that when you drive so fats more fuel goes specially with bigger engine with small its fine because you won’t drive it that fast because the engine is to small and that means the speed won’t reach that high as a sports car. Their money involved in this if you want a top speed car then it will cost you a lot and if you want a basic car what’s not to fast it will be cheaper than a fast car.