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  • BTEC ICT Level 3: Tracking Sheet
BTEC ICT Level 3: Tracking Sheet

BTEC ICT Level 3: Tracking Sheet

Are you doing a BTEC ICT Level 3 course this year, or next year? Well you might be interested in this BTEC ICT Level 3: Tracking Sheet I have created which you can download and use for free here.

I’ve tried to make things automated with formulas that are complex, so you’ll only need to keep changing the main “criteria” areas on the different years, and the “Leasons” to begin with. Also I would recommend adding notes to each of the tasks with the criteria for that task (and if it has its own classification, for example 1.2 for assignment 1 task/section 2).

This spreadsheet has had multiple iterations, and some formulas have been fixed in the past, so I do not expect it to be completely perfect. But as far as I can see, it is reliable and stable, but if you do find any bugs please do contact me.

For further explanation on how to use it and see my original post on my own blog, click the link here.

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