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  • Boris Johnson To Face Prime Ministers Questions
Boris Johnson To Face Prime Ministers Questions

Boris Johnson to face Prime Ministers Questions as lockdown continues and Covid-19 vaccine is on the horizon

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson ill face Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer today. As the Prime Minister’s Questions takes place at the House Of Commons.

As well as, the session will take around 30 minutes, giving MPs a small window to grill the Prime Minister on important issues.

Today’s PMQs to centre around the second lockdown across England. And the possible vaccine for Covid-19 which was earlier this week.

Furthermore, the government new mass testing scheme is also likely to be high on the agenda. As well as that, hundreds of thousands of rapid coronavirus tests send to authorities across the UK over the last few days.

The plans for lockdown may also change. After fears, it could belong past the current date of December 2nd.


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