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Have you been interesting in getting into blogging? It’s a lot simpler to get into blogging then it seems. With many websites, like for example WordPress, that help with with managing/maintaining your blog, it is easier blog posts.

Firstly, you would need to set up your website. This is a lot easier than before since you do not need much technical knowledge to start up a blogging website. Using a website like WordPress makes this a quick process and can get you started in minutes.

Once you have started up your blog, you need to start adding posts. There are two parts to making your posts which is the readability, this means how well written your content is, and your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which will increase how it will be placed in the series of google searches. With good SEO on multiple posts, you will get your website higher in the many google results that will appear for your website. You can boost SEO by using a Focus key phrase, this will make it more likely to post up on google when that term is searched. You can also include a relevant meta description. This is the smaller text that appears underneath a search result. By focusing on these two things, your website will be more likely be the top search result.

You can make money off these posts as well by monetising the website using advertisements. This can be done by simply using google adsense. All you would need to do is create a google adsense account and place a link that shows safe ads on your website. Google will then display these ads when your website is visited and will pay you for showing them.


You can start making your blog on WordPress by clicking here.

You can get started with google adsense by clicking here.

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