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  • Big Bang Series [D] of MADE announced
Big Bang Series [D] of MADE announced

Big Bang are releasing two songs each month in series (MADE, D being next Months), then the full album is being released in August. Today the second of the next two songs for the MADE series by Big Bang have been announced.

These two songs are “if you” and “sober”, the official posters are above and the songs are set to be released on July the 1st.

They will also be performing these songs as part of their MADE Tour, these two new songs will first be heard live in Thailand on July 11th.

They first released “Loser” and “Bae Bae” in May being in a seires called [M]. This is also when they started their MADE Tour in Guangzhou (China) on the 30th (after their world tour which finished in Seoul on Apruil 26th).

At the begining of June they then released “We Like 2 Party” and “Bang Bang Bang” as part of the [A] series for it. Then they went on to tour 5 parts of China and preformed these songs live.


To see their full schedule and where they will be next visiting bigbangupdates.

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