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  • Bethesda Softworks Promoting Fallout 4
Bethesda Softworks Promoting Fallout 4

There are many Fallout fans out there which have been anticipating news for the upcoming Fallout 4 for a while now. There have been many hoaxes that spread before the official announcements which have created interest in Fallout 4. Although even after these hoaxes Bethesda Softworks has still been able to create more interest.

Firstly they created https://fallout4.com/ which only had a countdown on it, which generated interest and promoted the game due to its mystery. As we all know after the countdown it shown an amazing initial trailer to the game, but it did not stop there.

At E3 we heard a lot of new news about the upcoming Fallout 4, which you can read about here, but earlier this month (from E3) Bethesda announced more news behind closed doors to the press. This news was meant to be confidential, only to be heard by people there, but footage was leaked from the event. It spread like wildfire across the internet being on various sites like YouTube and Vimeo, but as soon as they went up, Bethesda issued warrants to take them down. Although one site the video it is still on, even though it could be taken down easily, is an adult site. This does add controversary to this incident, but generates free revenue and promotes the game (it was even on “Inside Gaming Daily“), although Bethesda have not stated they were behind this, I believe it to be either very lucky coincidence for them, or they are behind it (with the adult site).

What also adds to this is that the “news” in this video which was filmed behind closed doors, is that there really is not anything new. This makes it odd why Bethesda wants footage took down, but is also staying on this particular site.

This is not the only place Fallout 4 has appeared on a strange part of the internet, similarly to an Ex Machina promotion, Fallout is also on a dating site (Tinder this time to be exact, which has also appeared on “Inside Gaming Daily“). They are even using the hashtag #dateadweller on their official Fallout Twitter profile also. Now this is causing a bit of controversy, even causing IGN to ask the question if it’s a “cruel joke or a clever concept?” but either way it is promoting the game.

Now these are a few incidents at the moment where Fallout is being shown on the internet, causing various pieces of news to appear for it (creating revenue). There is also a likelihood that Bethesda Softworks is behind all of these, meaning that their promotional team really is working hard (working outside the wonderful features that Fallout has to offer).