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  • BCG Vaccine Could Help Save Lives Against Coronavirus.
BCG Vaccine Could Help Save Lives Against Coronavirus.

Could A 100-Year-Old Vaccine Save Lives Against Covid-19?


The 100-year-old BCG vaccine is to protect children against Tuberculosis (TB). However, it also has other numbers of effects that could help adults fight Coronavirus.

A clinical staff member draws vaccine from a BCG vial

(A clinical staff member draws vaccine from a BCG vial)

 Scientists are investigating if a vaccine that is to protect children against tuberculosis, can help adults against Coronavirus.

The Bacillus Calmette–Guerin (BCG) vaccine, was first developed in 1921. Also, it has a number of target effects such as stimulating the immune system.

Furthermore,  a trail of the vaccine is being trialled globally to 100,00 people, mostly predominantly health care workers.

Researchers are saying that it would not be the ultimate solution to Covid-19. However, it would help people fight off Covid-19 until a more effective vaccine is discovered.

Cleaning service worker spraying staircase railingThe trial is being led in the UK by the University of Exeter and healthcare staff and care home workers are now being recruited.

During the trial, participants will either be given the BCG vaccine. The BCG vaccine currently protects more than 100 million babies worldwide each year against tuberculosis.

BCG  boosts immunity in a generalised way, which may offer some protection against Covid-19.

The trial is recruiting care and healthcare workers in the south-west of England, who can attend clinics in Exeter.

Researchers are targeting professionals who work in fields with high exposure to the virus.

They are looking at whether the BCG vaccine reduces coronavirus infection or Covid-19 symptoms.



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