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The newest DICE game, Battlefield, set in the near future, shows a society devastated by the impacts of climate change and the coming collapse of the European Union. It’s a dark prognosis, with tornadoes, sandstorms, enormous conflicts, and sometimes all three, wreaking on numerous places. At the very least, the soldiers are having fun: they can upgrade their weaponry while rushing around, or they can hitch a ride on tornadoes and then fly to safety in their new wing suits. Perhaps the future will not be so bad. With the addition of 128 players on the map it was expected that the action will be increased enormously but that is not the case. The maps also got double their size so the player count doesn’t feel as massive.

Battlefield Portal, filled with the best maps, weaponry, and vehicles from past games. Where players can create new modes using a comprehensive logic editor to mix periods together, is the game-changing feature for series veterans. There’s a Battlefield 1942 vs 2042 game, for example, that divides teams into eras as they engage in the Battle of the Bulge. The specialists of 2042 have access to all of their sophisticated technology, whilst the troops of 1942 are assigned to the traditional class system and equipment from the past.

Besides everything I found a lot of fun playing this game. Hopefully DICE will add many more maps. As it feels like there is not that many besides Portal as there are 22 playable maps. We also need the weather to impact the game a bit more. Because it doesn’t change the game that much at the moment. You can decide for your self if this game is what you want. You can make your own decision based on the information I provided in this post. or any other article of information that you find.

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