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Barcelona’s new manager

Barcelona’s previous manager Ronald Koeman had recently been sacked after the infamous losses of a champion’s league match against Bayern ending in a shocking 8-2, Barcelona players performance and morale have visibly dropped which has led to shocking performances against teams lower down in the la Liga and the fans of the club are not happy with the state of the club, especially with the abrupt and sad departure of club legend Lionel Messi and there is only maybe two people blame ultimately – Ronald Koeman and Joan laporte. As a replacement they have hired Xavi – a club legend who played a key part the arguably greatest football team in football history which is the 2009 Barcelona team. Xavi intends to bring back the Barcelona DNA back to its pristine form, introduce new rules (will be talked about shortly) and hopefully within the next few years bring Barca back to regular champions league winners.

So why Xavi you may ask? I think Xavi is the perfect captain for Barca right now due to his top, top level experience, his success and effectiveness is shown by his previous club, that has the same tiki taka style of play Barca is supposed to have, but more importantly, his discipline and ambition and perfectionist behaviour is what Barca needs the most. In the words of Xavi himself “It’s not a case of being hard on them; it’s a question of order,” he said. “You have to have rules. When there have been rules things have gone well; when there have not been, things have gone badly. It’s clear. At the start it is important we talk about work, values, respect, attitude, effort. If we do not have those values, we do not have a team”

And I would agree with the day’s old manager, the team has been slacking off and it has been said that hours before the training session, no one would be around and that all facilities were closed, this is not the type of attitude you’d expect from one of the worlds biggest clubs. Xavi hopes to turn the sad situation on its head and hope to achieve greatness with what he can bring to the table alongside what he has learned from pep Guardiola.