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Assassins Creed Unity

Assassins Creed Unity

Assassins creed Unity is the 9th Assassins creed game to be released and has looked the be one of the greatest yet because of it’s vast open world gameplay and amazing 900fps graphics.

Assassins Creed Victoy

Cover of Assassins Creed Unity


Ubisoft had to stop the 1080p graphics because the consoles could not run the gameplay because of the amount of NPC’s would shatter the 900fps down to 20fps in the matter of seconds.


Assassins Creed Unity had one of the best open world storylines in the assassins creed’s history starting off as Arno Victor Dorian (the main character) as a child to then roaming round Paris during the French Revolution.

here is a video of some of the gameplay of UNITY:


Assassins Creed Unity has had one DLC after the release which Ubisoft decided to give for free because of some issues that the game had at the very start of the release. The DLC was called Dead Kings and dead kings was after everything that happened in Unity and Arno had to go to ‘Franciade’ to redeem himself back to the Creed. Which in ‘Franciade’ he had to solve a mysterious conspiracy.


Assassins Creed Unity introduced two new types of online mode for Unity which was the co-op mode and it looked amazing on the co-op trailer and the second was called Club Competition which you join a club with our mates and try to gain some more legendary gear to your arsenal which also increased more people to buy the game so you could have a laugh with friends.

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