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  • Artificial Intelligence, a blessing or a curse?
Artificial Intelligence, a blessing or a curse?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that is specialised in the idea that intelligence can be developed in a machine, this allows machines to be able to perform very complicated tasks that humans are not capable of doing for example speech recognition and complicated problem solving in very short period of time.

AI is applied in a lot of different aspects of life such transport. Personal assistance and self-driving cars and trucks are great examples where AI is used to benefit humans, an example of the self-driving cars is tesla cars, tesla cars are electric self-driving cars that take little to no effort to drive but the disadvantage of those cars is that they are very expensive, these features could be used to build a very organised system of taxis that can operate nonstop with almost zero mistakes so that means travelling in tesla cars is significantly safer than normal cars so car accidents will be very rare because the vast majority of car accidents are caused by human error.


Alexa and google assistant are great examples of personal assistance that are used by humans every day to help us with our daily tasks, the advanced algorithms use information that the device collects every day from the user to find patterns and teach the device using AI to predict events such as when are you coming home or it suggests products that you may like to buy.

AI can change the future in a way that will benefit humanity and advance society and help to solve big problems in our lives like solving the problem of traffic jams by using self-driving cars that  obey the law all the time, but experts say that AI will increase the unemployment rate significantly because a lot of jobs like truck driving, cab drivers, pilots and cashiers will disappear because it will be taken by AI so there will be no humans working in those jobs.

Some people said that AI will get so smart and advanced to the point where it starts thinking for itself and realise it could easily take the world and stop being servants of humans, this scenario has been depicted in science fiction films like The Terminator and TV shows like Black Mirror where depict the dark side of technology.


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Oussama Mahrouk

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