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  • Are You Interested in a Different Political Party?
Are You Interested in a Different Political Party?


The Brexit party, who obviously intends to change the way the government is doing things, is rebranding itself. The primary focus right now for Reform UK is to get rid of lockdowns where possible. Nigel Farage has sent a request to change the name to the new one. Farage claims” lockdowns don’t work”.


There is some truth to the statement ” lockdowns don’t work” but for the purpose of this article there cannot be any sides taken in the content written therefore the is also some false in saying lockdowns don’t work. If you are an open-minded person you would understand there are two sides to this as Boris Johnson speeches seem to be constantly changing between Farage’s approach and then changing to the opposite of his approach. If you are looking for a party who doesn’t keep changing from lockdown to no lockdown you might be lucky. It is always you to decide what is best for you as daily Manchester can only guide you.


Make no mistake there is no picking sides in this and this is why the truth is that this party has used the negative effects of the lockdown to promote their party but the truth is there are is a relatively good reason for the lockdown. Lockdowns are to reduce the number of Corona virus cases; how effective it is and whether it is worth it is up to you to decide. There are no figures regarding coronavirus shown on this.


When it comes to making a vote for something you also need to decide whether it is worth it to vote in the long run as everything seems to change time and time again and you are just one vote out of many. Do remember though that that one vote can make a difference. If you want to vote for a different party some point down the line make sure you want to and that you are doing the right vote for yourself.


The future intentions of this party (as with many) are unknown and we cannot claim that this is the best party or likewise the worst party.

A link to an article about the Brexit party shown is below, which includes more details.


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