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Are RAZER Blade laptops worth it

RAZER Blade laptops are one of the most expensive, high-end laptops out there. On the official Razer site the cheapest gaming laptop is £1,900 with only a 1650 Ti GPU and an Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU. The most expensive RAZER Blade laptop currently is the RAZER Blade 17 costing £2,999 with a 360Hz display,3080 GPU and Intel Core i7-11800H CPU. So why on earth would you spend 3k on a 17inch Laptop if you could build a gaming PC with higher performance for much less.


Well first off, Razer Blade Laptops are extremely beautiful generally having the same design, a sleek black aluminium finish, with a modern square design and a green Razer logo on the back. They are very minimalistic laptops especially compared to that of Alienware laptops making them practical to use in all sorts of environments. However, they still have the essence of a gaming laptop with their customizable rgb keyboards. The keyboards are fully customisable allowing you to make each key an independent colour, you can even connect the rgb to your music allowing it to appear like an audio visualizer.


However, the main reason for buying a Laptop is for portability and  RAZER Blade laptops do well in this department. A 17inch RAZER laptop weighs just over 6 pounds roughly the same weight as a brick. Allowing it to be carried around inside a backpack comfortably whilst still being a powerhouse being able to run all triple AAA games at ultra graphic settings.


All in all it comes down to preference and budget, RAZER Blade laptops are extremely good laptops being powerful and well-designed, suitable for users who work in a professional environment due to its minimalism. On the other hand those who prefer a more aggressive design may opt for an Alienware or Asus ROG gaming laptop.


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