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  • Are Pets Valuable To Our Mental Health As Humans?
Are Pets Valuable To Our Mental Health As Humans?

Do Pets Really Help Our Mental Health

Would We Consider Pets Beneficial Towards Our Mental Health Or Is It A Lie…?

Most animals would be considered to have feelings and emotions dictating on what sort of environment they have.

For example ; If an animal has been left alone to survive its strongest trait would be to be able to last alone and put itself first, Whereas I think animals which are brought up around humans sense a loving devotion to their owner because what they need/want is provided therefore they show affection as an emotion of love towards their owner.

Does The Species Of The Animal Really Matter…?

Would you consider an animal type to have different qualities in difference to another animal or would you agree that all animals can be taught the same emotion towards humans depending on upbringing? Do traits in animals become inherited through genetics or is these abilities placed on them when becoming a house pet, do they carry closure from their owners that there is a certainty of a home with warmth, food and exercise.

Do Pets Sense Human Emotion Or Do We Assume?

As humans we can agree that when placed into certain scenarios in life our emotions/feelings can sometimes get the better of us and do our pets sense this…

When were upset why is it that most house pets know how to comfort us or is that just in our minds that they’re comforting us because as humans we would do the same!

Do We Agree/Disagree That Animals Help Us Mentally

For example, Animals have capabilities of being so independent that even humans rely on them for aid such as: Guide dogs, Therapy dogs and isolation dogs.

Other animals depending on the owner would seek an emotional connection, this would then make them reliant on each other as a sense of company for one another.

This is how a grieving process happens with pets because we become so attached to them that when they are not there that emotional bond is then broken as it would with humans and that’s when emotions take place…Would we not agree pets go through the same process when losing their owner!

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