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Anime League Manchester Minicon 2015

At 11AM this Halloween, nerds descended upon Manchester Piccadilly Station, mostly in costume, to attend a meet up hosted by Anime League, where over 600 said they would attend on Facebook. At 12PM all these nerd rolled out to go to All Saints Park near where the venue was hosted for photo shoots and to socialise more.


After this, when it turned 2PM, they started to go to the venue where the main event was being hosted at Pub/Zoo (for free courtesy of Anime League). People had time to settle down and buy drinks at the bar, which was inside the back of the pub, before they started the introduction at 3PM.

After the introduction and for most of the night when the small stage was not being used, there was a DJ playing music for people to dance to. Where various songs were played including Japanese and even Gangnam Style.

After this at 4PM the Cosplay contest started, where masquerades’ reached the triple digits. The winner would win a ticket to Manchester Anime & Gaming Con (hosted by Anime League again).

Then at 5PM there was a pub quiz mainly focused on a Halloween theme and movie, questions being out of the 10 “In the film Nightmare On Elm Street, there was a character called Freddy, what was his last name?”, where some people also shouted out silly answers (Joker).

At 6PM was a raffle, where which a number was randomly drawn and if it matched the number on the ticket you received upon arrival to the event, you would win a ticket to Manchester Anime & Gaming Con. From then onwards was partying on stage until it closed at 8PM.

Although Anime League did say the door would be closing at 8PM, most people had already left in that time, some to catch the train home before it got dark. Then some went just outside the event to socialise more and get into shenanigans (approximately 20).