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In time 28,000 BC in the ancient era cave paintings were used in order to tell stories as in animation, as it was never thought of.

These paintings were used as in narrative to pursue voyages. These artists used methods which formed the figment of your imagination of the movement in their images of nature. Furthermore in the year 1066 Animation Bayeux Tapestry was formed as a ocular verification of the clash of Hastings, during this time it was still not noticed and open to the them that much.

Additionally in the year 1500s In Turkey a roguish personality called ‘Karagoz’ was made based on a real life person living in Turkey. Furthermore It was done by having colored shadow puppets made from beige conceal moving at the back of a display made out of muslin with a candle enlightening the panorama from the back.

In the early 1700s the animation style called Shadow theater became well-liked in the country France. Furthermore this also concerned the Fabricating black outlines on a screen to create the illusion.

Kaleidoscope animation method was invented in the year 1817 by Sir David Brewster. This is done by a pipe by means of two mirrors towards replicating numerous images of tinted goblet portions. It was known to be one of the best visual models to be well liked. Furthermore in the year 1825 The Thaumotrope was invented as the first animation maker. For example, this was done by one a picture of a man on one side and a cave on the other.  When the disc is spun it will give the illusion that makes the man be in the cave. Additionally the there are many more animation makers in the past year for example the Zoetrope which was invent in the year 1834 was also one of the first animation maker the same as the Phenakistoscope animation maker, also they are created with spinning wheels to create illusion of animation. Also another was called the stereoscope which was invented in the year 1838 right after the previous ones explained, only this one created a 3D illusion of animation.

Also in the year 1865 the primary contemporary comic strip ‘Max and Mortiz’ was produced by Wilhelm Busch. Furthermore in the year 1888 Louis Le Prince attempted the initial moving pictures.

‘Superman’, was written in the year 1934 by Jerome Siegel, also in the year 1962 ‘Spider man’ was written by Stan Lee and another artist Steve Ditko.

Furthermore in the latest year the creation animation started to change in the year 1995 the company Pixar an American computer Animation Company created the movie Toy Story with method of CG I.

The age of animation changed even more in the year 2005 when the movie ‘Wallis and Gromit’ was created by Aardman animations, and this animation method is known as Claymation.


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