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Android vs Apple

There has been debates through out the years about which phone is better, Apple vs Android; well today I’ll be listing some pros and cons of both phones. I’d like to hear your opinions in the comment section.


Apple’s closed ecosystem making it easier to communicate with its own devices, i Phones don’t need super powerful specs to match high-end Android phones. It all depends on the optimisation between hardware and software. Generally, iOS devices are faster and smoother than most Android phones at comparable price ranges.


  • It has a very user-friendly interface.
  • It has the fastest processor on phones to date.
  • The camera has 4k recording capabilities
  • The security on the phone are top quality


  • It’s too expensive to buy
  • Old phones become irrelevant when new ones are announced
  • Working conditions in their factories are not good


Android is an open source system which means it can be modified or improved by the user. Android is developed by a group of developers so there are multiple to choose from. Generally, android devices are a mixed bag you never know what your getting, but there a few exceptions which are at time better than iPhone


  • It’s an open system, so you get more customisation options.
  • There are multiple developers to choose from.
  • Better Charging Options


  • Hardware Quality is Mixed.
  • Updates Are Patchy.
  • Can be hacked easily

In conclusion depending on the user preference both phones operate similarly to each other but have exclusive features to differentiate them selves form the other. Just pick what works best for you; the debate of android vs apple is up to the user to decide.


by Anthony Bingel

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