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A new series that was released in 2020 on Netflix. It almost like the popular squid game we all know about. It focuses on Arisu better known as “Alice”. He is a high school student with poor luck. Bored with his current life to the point that he avoids thinking about his future. He mostly hangs out with his friends Karube and Chota.

Like Arisu, both of his friends are also bored with their current life to the point they wish they could leave their current lives behind. So, the three friends were hanging out together like usual and they decided to go to a train station. During their stay at the station, a firework goes off in front of them and after one blindingly bright explosion, the three were transported into another world which looks exactly like Tokyo but looks much more abandoned. At first, Arisu, Karube, and Chota enjoyed their lives in the new world. However, they eventually met a new person who has been in the new world three days before them and knows everything that is going on. This new person named “Saori” told them that the new place they are trapped in is known as the borderland in which people are forced to play deadly games to gain visa which allows them to live longer. However, if this visa gets expired and not renewed or if anyone decides not to play, they would be killed.

To know more about this series, you can watch it on Netflix or YouTube. It currently has only 1 season and the exact date of the second season isn’t out yet but it is official that the second season would be released on December 2022

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