About Us

About Daily Manchester

We would like to welcome you to our exciting and new website (Daily-Manchester.co.uk). We are hoping to share local news and information with our readers that they find useful and informative. We have a team of dedicated bloggers who are excited at the prospect of bringing our readers regularly updated posts, news, events, jobs and more.

Ioannis Ntizoglou


Director and co-founder of Daily Manchester


Jack Clarke

Creative Director

Content creator

Leah Dean

Leah Dean


Manager of Daily Manchester


At Daily Manchester we are the only online News, Jobs, Events and Blogs provider who do not currently make any profit. We need the support of the local people to keep this website up-to-date with news and information; please contact us with your story or any story you would like to share.

Our Mission

Daily Manchester's mission is to provide help and support to learners in Greater Manchester to gain work experience, to promote jobs vacancies and to keep the residents of Greater Manchester up-to-date with the latest news and events. We also aim to provide useful blogs that will encourage the people of Greater Manchester to learn new skills. e.g. how to use and complete simple tasks on the computer, how to cook a meal, how to stay healthy, how to train in the gym and much more!

Our Vision

We want to be the No1 provider of your daily news in Manchester. With your support, we will be able to create an online newspaper that will keep the people of Manchester up-to-date with current news. This will be a newspaper without a political agenda. We hope reading our online newspaper will be enjoyable and informative for our readers.