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A Tale of Two Wastelands

A Tale of Two Wastelands cannot even be called a mod, there is so much work involved in the creation and implementation that it can only be rightly referred to as it’s own creation. What it does is combine Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas; two completely separate games, into a single entity, two games connected by a railway tunnel in the heart of DC through to the desert of the Mojave.

The ambitious project has been set up by the team over at https://taleoftwowastelands.com/ along with a multitude of others working together to fix bugs and teething problems that come with splicing two different games together! (As you can see i cannot get over how amazing that is)

It works incredibly well, with one being able to bring things from one game over to another and then back again with no problems, this opens up many new and interesting opportunities as it means that weapons specific to one game can now be brought to the other and vice versa. It also allows Fallout 3 to work on newer machines as, given the fact that it was released 7 years ago it is not very well optimized for newer computers and crashes often. This is fixed as it is moved to the much newer engine used in Fallout: New Vegas which works much better and can actually run on these computers.