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A New Kind Of Pokemon Game

Unlike the most recent Pokemon games (Sword and Shield) a new game coming out in 2022 called Pokemon Legends Arceus will be fully open world. The latest games were advertised as open world however they were only partly open world. Only part of the accessible areas were open world and even then the area was very small. For most of the game you were forced onto pathways that covered the majority of the playable area.

However, in the upcoming game it will be completely open world with Pokemon from all regions and even some new designs. The new region will be called the Hisui region. This is the same as the Sinnoh region but it is set in the past. The era is the bygone era of Sinnoh history.

The battling will be more like that of the Pokemon anime where you can attack multiple times before your opponent can attack. This new way of battling could introduce a new way that people play the game. As well as adding a new chunk of repeatability.

The game will be released on the 28th of January 2022.

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