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  • 5G Causes Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory
5G Causes Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

5G Causes Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory


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In a video that has recently gone viral on Twitter relating to 5G, it shows a woman approaching two men in hi-vis jackets and questioning them about if they work for the NHS, and begins to reprimand them when they say that they don’t. She then asks one of the men if he has children or parents, when she’s told he has his mum, she responds: “Well when they turn that switch on, bye-bye mama.”



The “Switch” is referring to 5G.


Suddenly, panic over 5G (the new gen of mobile telecommunications infrastructure) and the idea that it’s the real cause of the coronavirus pandemic seems to be everywhere. Recently there have been suspected arson attacks on mobile phone masts in Liverpool, Merseyside, and Birmingham. Celebrities have pushed the idea that 5G is harmful and linked to Covid-19.


The idea that 5G is harmful may seem to have exploded into mainstream media during the coronavirus pandemic, however, it has been steadily building online for years. And its roots can be traced back even further, to panics about earlier generations of mobile phone and wireless technology at the turn of the millennium.


To be clear, these theories are false. There’s no scientific evidence to prove that 5G is linked in any way to the COVID-19 Virus. There’s no connection between 5G and coronavirus, and no evidence of any health risk. But it’s not clear that simply dismissing them is the right approach. Given the upheaval the coronavirus pandemic has caused, people are understandably worried and looking for answers. And to give those answers well, we’ll need to understand where these theories come from.


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