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  • 5 Types Of Malware
5 Types Of Malware

5 types of malware

1. File Infector virus

This is the most conman type of virus it holds up in the host file then when the file is executed the virus will then take action and perform whatever it has been coded to do. This virus can make copies of its self and attach the copies to different files thus infecting multiple files on your computer. A virus attaches it self to a file and will remain waiting until the file is executed.


2. Trojan

A Trojan got is name from the famous Trojan horse that the Greeks used to get inside the city of Troy by pretending the giant wooden horse was a gift while Greek soldiers were hidden inside the horse and then attacked the city from the inside at night. A Trojan horse malware does the same thing it appears to be normal and friendly but after you download it and execute it the Trojan will start performing actions to your computer that you have not authorized such as deleting data or copying data. This can leak personal information back to the person who created the Trojan it can also create a backdoor which allows the Trojans creator to access your computer remotely.


3. Worms

The worm is a lot like the computer virus and often gets mistaken for a virus because it replicates itself however unlike the virus Worms do not need a file to attache to this makes them good for infecting networks as they can travel easier and do not require human interaction to help them spread. Worms almost always create harm to a network such as taking up a lot of bandwidth unlike viruses where they nearly always corrupt data or modify data.


4. Botnet

A Botnet is a collection of “zombie” computers these computers have been infected with malware that allows the controller to use this computer for malicious acts most of the time they are usually used for DDOS (Learn more about DDOS  Click here)  which can add up to a lot when there are multiple bots using DDOS to one website and these bots will have no idea that it is happening and the Malware creator will not get caught because he is not using his computer for the attack he is simply commanding other computers to do it for him.


5. Spyware

Spyware is a type of Malware that works by spying on the users key strokes they do this by using key loggers (Learn more about Key loggers Coming soon) , monitoring what the user is looking at,  gathering sensitive information such as account information and passwords.  Spyware is hidden from the user and usually does not create havoc on the users system as it sits silently in the background gathering information and sending it back to the creator.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post if you have any questions ask in the comments and also tell me what do you think is the worst type of malware and why?