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3D Animation

3D Animation is used on all of Pixar’s films and most of Walt Disney’s films. There are different types of 3d animation software that are available one of these software is called blender, blender is a free 3d animation program that is available for anyone to download. Another 3d animation software is Autodesk Maya which is a subscription based 3d animation software however if you are in education you can get the student version which is free. Autodesk Maya offers a lot of different tools from modelling objects to creating hairs and fabrics. One tool to create hairs are the Nhair function and the new Xgen to create splines. One tool to create fabrics is ncloth. To get started in animation in Maya there are a lot of tutorials that are available on YouTube to help get started and if you go to Visor tab in maya there are a lot of paint effects and premade animations that you can use to get started.

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