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Image File Formats by Harry Powell

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There are many different file formats that can be used for images and they have many different uses.


Gif file format is used on the web; this is due to the low file size. This can be rendered by any computers. This is a small file format so it is easy to render.  They also have no backgrounds so they can overlap things. However a Gif has a low colour pallet so they won’t have a good quality image compared to other file formats.


PNG stands for the Portable Network Graphics; it was made as an improvement to the older file format GIF. It is used online for most common images.The PNG Format can support full transparency; this is where an image can go from fully transparent to full opacity.However some older browsers cannot be supportive of the use of alpha transparency.


This is used within digital cameras and other photographic image capturing devices. This is one of the most common file formats on the world wide web. This file format can be manipulated easily so the user can manually select the ration and quality and size of the image.This format does not support transparency so when saved it with be saved with a default white background to the image.


Standing for Adobe Illustrator, this is used by artists and graphic designers to create many different things such as logos.This file format is usually fairly small in size so moving it around through email and other means. This file format cannot be used on the world wide web.


SWF files can contain video and vector based animations and sound and are designed for efficient delivery over the web.This is vector based so when you re-scale and image it doesn’t effect the quality of the image. Not many but the biggest one is a compatibility problem that will sometimes occur.


This is used within Adobe Photoshop. They have a large size and his ca be useful when trying to keep a god quality image.  The file can normally be incredibly large so it will retain good quality, however it makes it hard to email or transfer.


This is used to present documents without application software, hardware and operation systems. PDF’s are fast and simple to create and don take up any time at all, it’s as simple as pressing one button. PDF is only supported by windows and mac operating systems.


This is used as a file extension for a vector graphics file used in CorelDraw. This file format is recognized by man different image editing programs.It is only 2 dimension vector file format and this is a disadvantage.


Tiff Stands for “Tagged Image File Format” this is popular for mac users. Due to Tiffs high file size images are usually high quality compared to a format such as JPEG. This is a large file size so will take up too much room on an ordinary.


PXR is used by Pixar and this is used to create animations for their characters in films and shows. This holds everything that professionals need to create animation on a professional level. You cannot open PXR files in programs such as Photoshop. So it is software dependent and it also costs a lot for the system.



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