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Are Students Really To Blame?

Should Manchester students be blamed for a rise in Covid-19 cases?

As coronavirus cases rise in Manchester to between (15,000 to 20,000) the looming question presents itself in who’s to blame. However, Manchester students seem to be at the forefront of the media and at the end of the stick, seemingly being victimised by government as the cause of the rise.

Government Guidelines

With new government restrictions coming into place, households are unable to mix outside of their bubble and a new nightly curfew of 10pm has been introduced.

However, this means pubs and restaurants remain open (even with a curfew) raising the question to whether the economy comes before public health?

Eat Out to Help Out

Whilst students are being labelled ‘selfish’ in their actions, we must remember Boris Johnson’s government scheme has virtually just ended whereby we were encouraged to go out and eat in public restaurants with vast discounts as a reward.

This again shows how the government favours the economy whereby they drove hundreds of thousands out from their ‘bubble’ into the public in order to save the hospitality industry just before announcing new restrictions and again, isolating people in their homes.

Unlike schools, university students are expected to pay £9,250 a year, not including accommodation costs, to pack up their lives and sometimes move hours away from home.

However, students move with the idea of university as a great experience to make new friends, learn new knowledge but also party and have fun yet 2020 has been a very different, and difficult, experience for students from all years.


Covid-19 Parties

Whilst this is a clearly irresponsible move in the current climate, we must try and think about the students and their uni experiences of which are being ripped from them more and more everyday which is evidently having an effect on their mental health and wellbeing.

Despite social distancing efforts and face coverings, people remain as close as ever which questions the extent to which students should be blamed for the rise of Coronavirus cases in Manchester.

Who’s To Blame?

Moreover, we must question the extent to which the government is to blame in their inconsistent, clashing information and rules which saw students encouraged to move to university and socialise with hundreds of new people despite the ever-rising figures.

Do you really think students want to be locked in their rooms, with their main interaction with the outside world being on ‘Zoom’ or ‘Microsoft Teams’.

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