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  • 2018 – Coronavirus Season 1 – Blog
2018 – Coronavirus Season 1 – Blog

People knew about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) more than 2 years ago and nobody did anything to prevented.


According to the online news, China was the first to have too many confirmed cases and most dead people due to the Corona virus.

Here is a series which was produced and released in 2018. If you have a Netflix account, logon, and on the search bar, type: ‘My Secret Terrius’. Then go to Season 1, go to the episode 10 and skip to the 53 minute (watch it from there and you will know more). If you don’t have Netflix, this guy uploaded this scene on twitter.



For the past week in China, the Coronavirus numbers have slow down a lot as well as the deaths however the rest of the world is suffering with first being Italy with over 8,215 dead people and 80,539 confirmed cases today 26/03/2020.

There are more dead people in Italy and Spain than China even though China has the most confirmed cases.

People can use their logic to realise what is happening here (or not).

Some people are saying that China has the cure, but they are keeping it secret.

I personally don’t think that the Chinese government is involved as they know better and they probably knew that this virus would bring a global disaster and that the Chinese government will be financially, morally and in many other ways effected badly too.

I think an idiot who thought it will be a good idea to bring the human population down is responsible for this epidemic.

Please comment below. What you think?

Does the Coronavirus cure exist?

Is this true?

Is this false?

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